New creative writing competition!

We know children may be finding school closures and everything else going on in the world difficult at the moment and educators and parents may also be facing many challenges when it comes to motivating students to learn at home and looking after their mental health.

Mind Travels is a new regular competition to encourage children to use their creativity and imaginations to help them forget the confines of home for a little while and keep exercising their creative thinking muscles.  

The next competition entry deadline is the 12th June.

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Where is your imagination taking you today?

We want to hear from your students about their mind travels! 

If they could go absolutely anywhere, where would that be and why?

We will be picking two lucky winners every two weeks. Each winner will receive a certificate, a £25 National Book Token e-voucher and their winning entry will be published on our websites and shared on social media for all to read.

Read winning entries here.

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Meet the Judges

We're delighted to have both Pie Corbett and David Mitchell as judges for our Mind Travels competition!

Pie Corbett
Pie is a renowned poet, storyteller and teacher. He’s told stories, performed poems and worked with teachers in schools all over the world. He has also edited and written over 200 books and is currently involved in Radio Blogging, a daily live radio show for kids with fun interactive educational activities to encourage all children to use their imaginations and play with words.

David Mitchell
David, also known as Deputy Mitchell, is a former Headteacher with 22 years experience in Primary education and the founder of QuadBlogging. Since leaving his headship in 2013, he has been working with 100s of schools across the globe on projects linked to audience and purpose, making learning relevant for students of all ages through effective and proven strategies involving technology.

David is also currently involved in RadioBlogging bringing together children across the globe using simple technology at a time when parents and children need this the most. 

How to enter

Simply fill out the entry form here with your student's entry along with their first name, year group and your school name.

Entries need to be no more than 500 words long and there are two categories, Primary (4-11yrs) and Secondary (11-18yrs).

Winners from each category will be chosen every 2 weeks starting on the 8th May.

Entry submission deadlines are as follows:

1st May
15th May
29th May
12th June
26th June
10th July

Good luck!

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Reading can take you places you have never been before.

Dr Seuss


Mind Travels Winners ...

We've had a phenomenal response so far and our judges have enjoyed reading through all the wonderful and imaginative entries.

Take a look at our winning pieces here!

Winning entries

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